Welcome to my Art Gallery!

Welcome to lunarisparukia.com, home to my artwork!

I am Lunaris Parukia, an artist who loves do draw NSFW artwork!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy my content!

If you like what you see, please shoot me a follow on the following sites:

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If you like what you see and want your own personal artwork made by me, please consider commissioning me! You can find my information here.

Lunaris News

July 1 – 2024

I have added sections for my Helluva Boss & Hazbin Hotel digital artwork and sketches. The whole reason we changed our site name =P

I’ve also restructured the links in the top menu to make it cleaner. The Pokémorph Comics menu has been moved under the Pokémorph Art menu and still splits to the individual comic pages if you hover over it.

And for the first time I actually messed around with CSS!
The menu options now each have a different color if you hover over them, the Helluva pages are red and even sport a unique background just for them!

Next up I guess I’ll upload the backlog of missing Pokémorph artwork and see if I can get the banner to change for just the Helluva pages… But that’s for another time!

June 27 – 2024

We’ve got a name change from pokemorphs.com to lunarisparukia.com!
I felt it reflects the content I will offer on this site better, as I have branched out more from doing Pokemorph artwork to include other fan art. Expect a Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel section soon!

July 3 – 2022

The comics page is back alongside the Ultra Casual Friday, First Mission and the Goomi comics.
I completely forgot about the links page so I added it back in as well! Whew!

July 2 – 2022

Whew, we’re back for the most part!
I remade the site from scratch and all the problems should be gone now.
No more 404 errors and no more insane load times!

We also went DARK! Because everyone loves dark themes. Easier on the eyes and looks spiffy to boot!

I’m still working on bringing back the missing pages, so please stay tuned on that!
Right now we have the homepage, Pokémorph galleries (digital, traditional, animations), other art galleries (digital, traditional) and commission pages back.

I’ve also decided to remove pages that went unused.
The news page is now merged with the home page.
Also gone is the Ask my Characters page, but I’m trying to think of a different way to go with that idea.

I decided to stop taking donations for the time being, so the awesome people page is also gone.
Maybe I’ll eventually turn to something like Patreon for such a thing, but I’ll see about that.
For people who want a unique role on my Discord server, you can boost the server twice instead. This role will last for the duration of your boosts.

Since the newsletter went unused I removed that as well. Because I deleted the old site, it also deleted all e-mail addresses used to sign up. So you don’t have to worry about that snippit of personal info!

I’ve also added emotes and additional characters to my commission price lists!

That’s it for today’s update! Hope you’ll enjoy the new site!
Pokémorph porn forever~ <3

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